No More Mr. Frowny Face-1995
Societal Jive Produced/Engineered

Snooty Fox Productions

Societal Jive-1995
By Plow Monday

Produced/Engineered by Mark Dufour

Head Full of Windows-1998
By Plow Monday

Produced/Engineered by Mark Dufour

The ||ID|| EP-2000
By Pavlov’s Dogs

Self Produced at Fire Station studios

Disturbing Likes of Fashion-2001
By Pavlov’s Dogs

Produced/Engineered by Roger Williams/Steve Chadie

Second Glance Appeal-2003
By Plow Monday

Produced/Engineered by Mark Dufour

The "Bar Code" EP 2005
By A Plus Machines

Self Produced at Fire Station studios and Engineered by Chris Lynch

Live at Momo's! -2005
By A Plus Machines

Produced/Engineered by Greg Vest/Chris Beall

The World that Never Dies-2007
By the WarTime Social

Produced/Engineered by Steve Chadie

El Payaso-2009
By Johnny Goudie and the Little Champions Produced/Engineered by Johnny Goudie, Jonas Wilson, and Lars Goransson

Featuring The Tosca String Quartet


Eyes Burn Electric EP-2010

Produced/Engineered by Dwight Baker

Scenes of Devastation at the Heart of the Disaster-2011
1st Solo Release

Produced/Engineered by Steve Chadie

So Much More-2011 (released in 2013)
by Wesley Lunsford

Produced by Matt Noveskey Engineer by Andy Sharp Mixed by Kevin Butler

A New Day to Learn-2011
By 23 Shades/Aaron Cuadra

Produced/Engineered by Matt Noveskey/Andy Sharp.

Jesse Felder-2011
Ep Engineered by Andy Sharp

Produced by Matt Noveskey

Eleven Stories Down-2012
By Penni

Produced by Andy Sharp and Matt Noveskey

Bedtime Stories-2012
By Paco Estrada

Unreleased Engineered by Waylon Hardy Self produced

Pieces of a Story-2014
By Fair Use Video

ngineered by Malik Mayo/Nicholas Cowley/Alex Gerst Produced by Nicholas Cowley and Alex Gerst

Bedtime Stories-2015

By Paco Estrada

Produced by Matt Noveskey

There’s a Killer Down in Texas-2015
By The Brandon Callies Band

Hand Drawn Records

By DeNova

Engineered by Tony Walsh/Chad Hudson/Steve Chadie Produced by DeNova and Steve Chadie

Woodshed Singles-2014-2016
Singles recorded in The Woodshed studio for Various artists
The Sounds of Love and Ghosts-2016
By Brandon Callies and The American Revival

Hand Drawn Records

Live at Orb Studios-2016-Not Yet Released

By Paco Estrada, Live at Orb Studio

Hand Drawn Records

CloudChord Singles-2016
By CloudChord/Furious

To be released in 2016!

Piece of shit-2017
By Fair Use Video

Sunday Funtime

The Social Flood Singles-2016-18
By The Social Flood


The Sinner and The Saint-2019
By The American Revival

 Independent Ear